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Bridgett Banks is a purpose catalyst, paradigm-shifting speaker who empowers the listening audience to walk in godfidence (confidence in who God created them to be and do) and provokes to a call to action providing biblical strategies personally and professionally.  Bridgett equips the listening audience, whether it is how to overcome obstacles, write your legacy, launch as an solo entrepreneur or business, and/or expand the vision.  Bridgett is the Creator, Producer, and Talk Radio Host of Ignite Your Purpose Radio Show, as well as have 16 years of leadership experience.

Signature Talks

Breaking Cycles 

Living everyday life can become routine.  Inside our routine are our patterns knowingly or unknowingly and we become trapped in complacency, resulting in stagnancy.  Personal growth and development is essential and provides healthy results and good success.  Breaking cycles help raise awareness, as well as identify routine behaviors, attitudes, and other idle or negative patterns to be broken.  Bridgett will provide solutions to allow continual transformation.

Ignite Your Purpose

Purpose is who we were created to be.  It is the originally intended plan for our lives.  There are times we can allow detours to become distraction.  However, these detours can be rerouted and re-purposed to created opportunities positive life-changing impact.  Or if you are on track and would like to expand the vision personally and/or professionally, this is a message for your group.

Write Your Legacy

Write Your Legacy is to leave your footprint in the earth. It is your masterpiece. It is your legacy. After life is said and done, what will you leave to let others know you were here and what can they glean from your experiences?  Write Your Legacy will provide you insight on why and how to strategies to utilize your knowledge and experience for the betterment of humanity.  It is fuel-filled, invigorating message to empower and equip the listening audience to transform lives.

Enjoy the Journey


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