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Living life intentionally allows us to experience life at its best.

Purpose isn't what we do, but it who we are. Becoming the best version of ourselves allows us to perform at our maximum potential. Purpose is who God created us to be. It is the originally intended plan of God for our lives. It is developing an syncopated flow with the heartbeat of God. It is lifestyle of constant communication with God and being guided by His wisdom in our everyday lives.

Consider for a moment, a manufacturer producing a product. The product was designed with a specific purpose in mind, in order for it to produce the desired results. Likewise, we are created to produce effectively. We have gifts, talents, knowledge, and a wealth of experience to produce creatively. When we are a believer, we have creative spiritual gifts and insight that are activated to be an asset in the marketplace to make an impact in your workplace or business career. You may have yet to unlock and unleash the wealth of creativity inside of you.

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