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Updated: Sep 21, 2018

Writing your legacy is your footprint in the earth. It is your masterpiece. It is your legacy. After life is said and done, what will you leave to let others know you were here and what can they glean from your experiences?

Are you contemplating writing your story? Do you receive this overwhelming feeling of writing story from start to finish? Well...I have good news for you. You absolutely don't! Yes, you read it correctly. Considerably, instead of writing an autobiography of your story from beginning to end, you can simply write a memoir of your life up until this point and...from an inspirational perspective of your journey of purpose and how God ushered you into becoming who He created you to be today. It produces clarity and provides you the ability to write your story with grace and ease.

Great ways to get started are listing life-determining factors or plot-twists that occurred as a result of decision-making or choices. What were your critical turning points? Also, think of who played significant roles in your life in helping you become who you are today? What are some major obstacles you had to overcome and how were you able to do so? And how can your reader benefit from your life experiences and insight you have gained.

The beautiful thing about sharing your story is someone can glean from your life in a matter of reading a masterpiece than what would take them a long time to learn. Life was not designed to be experienced in one segment nor from one point of view, but to have engaged relational value. This offers a great opportunity for you to add value to someone else's life. Whether your masterpiece is to be shared with family, friends, and loved-ones and/or to be used as a life-changing tool on a public platform. The choice is yours. Nonetheless, this is another awesome avenue to Ignite Your Purpose!

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