Welcome! Glimpse of Hope is the missions outreach of Kingdom Pioneer Ministries, which is currently geared towards supporting and helping children, parents, families with life-essential needs and continued ministry, specifically in Nairobi, Kenya of East Africa to assist in alleviating the hardships and sufferings, as a result of lack of resources, to impact lives for the betterment of humanity, and the continued widespread of the gospel of Jesus Christ until His return. 


Glimpse of Hope is in the process of a children’s home project to enable children to have healthy socio-economic development and obtain the necessary skills in the marketplace for sustainability. The Christian community-based project to be located at Ntimaru village, Migori County in the western part of Kenya with a population of over 98,000 people. Each household has an average of 12 members. Majority of the people in the area live below the poverty line, earning an average of less than one USA dollar per day.


The project approach is to provide a multi-faceted intervention and support to the orphaned and vulnerable children. This is to enable them to engage in educational and socio-economic skills that would eventually improve their living standards, protect their rights, ensure their safety and be self-reliant in future. The center will establish a good rapport with the community on the orphaned cases referred to our center for counseling following faster care, education, feeding, clothing and shelter among other basic support. 

You are invited to a great opportunity to contribute to this great cause.  


Help build a bridge to a glimpse of HOPE.

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