Live your purpose relentlessly.

“You have the date you were born and the date that you die,

it is the dash in between that you live out your purpose.” 

~Bridgett Banks

Life coaching is a teaching, training, and/or developmental process, in which an individual gets support who is learning to achieve a specific personal and/or professional result or goal. 


Life Coaching can also be defined as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and co-creative process that inspires and provides strategies to extract their great potential. For individual and group coaching programs, the clients will identify, clarify, and begin to implement plans that will strategically get them to the place of accomplishing their goals.

Continual growth is not inevitable, it is a choice. 


“We think we see the world the way it really is, but in reality we see the world the way we are.”~Ralph Waldo Emerson


 You can only go as far as your mind is expanded to believe. And once the brain has been exposed to information, it does not have an ordinary capacity to shrink. Therefore, we must condition ourselves to continually grow. 


Bridgett, as your Purpose Catalyst Coach & Consultant specializes in the Kingdom of God being established in a practical way by empowering and providing information to those who are entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs and many other roles and capacities in life and/or business.


“You may view the Bible as having timeless business secrets or principles to success, but often times are not intentional active participants of establishing the Kingdom of God in the marketplace for His glory. Here are a few facts to consider:

~Of Jesus’ 132 public appearances in the New Testament, 122 were in the marketplace

~Of 52 parables Jesus told, 45 had a workplace context

Of 42 divine interventions recorded in Acts, 39 occurred in the marketplace.

~The Marketplace Christian, Darren Sheard


For continual growth to take place, it requires you moving pass your past success and failures and focusing on your present day momentum. Your past has prepared you to have an encounter with purpose and destiny. It’s up to you to obtain and/or maintain the mindset and discipline to achieve your greatest potential.


Now, let’s think about what has hindered your dream and/or vision from coming to life?

  • Lack of clarity

  • Don’t possess the how-to strategies

  • Lack of confidence and/or support

  • Lack of discipline/accountability

Bridgett is here to serve you.

Enjoy the Journey


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